2020 Season in a Nutshell - Sawbridgeworth

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2020 Season in a Nutshell

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2020 Sawbridgeworth Bowling Club

Everyone the world over will have the year 2020 imprinted on their memory. At Sawbridgeworth Bowling Club it was to be a very special year following a hectic year for the club’s centenary in 2019.

The year started well as money has been raised to make big improvements to the club house to make it fully accessible and included new bar. The work started on 29 January and was expected to be completed just before the season started. All went well until lockdown. Gradually the contractor had difficulty in obtaining supplies. However, things did improve and as it was clear there would not be a full bowling season the committee took the decision to bring forward the improvements which had been planned for the closed season 20/21. Finally, in August 2020 the refurbished club was open to members.

Social distancing was in place for the whole season. Members were able to enjoy bowling on a daily basis with limited numbers in a secure and safe environment. During August a full programme was put in place for limited numbers. It included fun weekend games as well as social activities including home cooked meals. There was also a range of competitions. The season ended having been enjoyed in a different way.
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